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Printmaking Supplies Speedball Block Inks 75ml

Speedball Water Based Printmaking Inks

Speedball is the leader in quality Printmaking Supplies and the Speedball water based block ink is no exception. This water soluble ink is the preferred printmaking ink by beginners, advanced printmakers and professionals. It is consistent from tube to tube and each of the 18 colours will give you vibrant opaque coverage. This water based printing ink is best used for relief printing, and is ideal with a range of printing surfaces such as acetate, dry point etching plates, EVA foamgel, ezy carve, lino, polyfoam and woodblocks. It dries to a rich satin finish and we have really not found any other art materials or medium that is of the same economic value and quality.

Speedball ink colours include your standard palette colours plus a range of metallic. All colours intermix well and have very little odour. Available in 37, 75 and 150ml tubes there is a size that suits everyone. Waterbased Speedball inks are non-toxic and wash up in water, making them safe to use in large environments such as schools. This is a professional block ink that can be used along side other Speedball art products for block printing such as cutting tools, barrens and rollers. Speedball art products are among the best in the industry but are very well priced for their calibre.

As a team of artists and creators we recommend only the products we use either ourselves or in the studio. We are not sponsored by any brands and love to support our creative community with up to date non-biased information. To encourage the growth of the community we work with everyday we have created our VIP artist membership which will give you unbeatable prices off all art supplies, information on art classes and workshops and keep you informed with extra savings on over stocked art materials.

If you are looking for oil based printmaking ink. We recommend Charbonell oil based inks for their professional quality.

“Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures.” Henry Ward Beecher

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