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Ream Paper, Single Sheets, Recycled Kraft Paper in the Art Supplies World

You can do just about anything with recycled paper. You can print on it with a digital or laser printer, do traditional printmaking on it, paint on it, draw on it, design with it or make scale models out of it; complete with cars and people.

Kraft paper is one of those inexpensive art supplies that opens up a world of creative possibilities. As a team of creators ourselves we have used recycled paper in workshops where professional artists have illustrated on it and painted on it, we have printed on craft paper to make invitations, seating charts, signage and have stocked school classrooms with it time and time again as it is perfect for early learning centres, high schools and even specialised studies like architecture. When stocking your art supplies cupboard with a ream of paper, be it coloured (Prism coloured paper artist sizesa3 and a4), white cartridge or cardstock weight it is guaranteed to go a very long way.

Recycled kraft paper is available in standard sizes a4, a3 and a range or artist sizes it is available both in single sheets and in reams. If you are after something heavier kraft card also comes in heavier weights both in single sheets and reams; a4, a3, artist sizes large sheets and rolls. As a team of artists, designers and crafters that work with these art materials everyday, if you have a question just ask. There are many different versions of recycled paper, textured, non-textured, and variations of colours, some have matching stationery; boxes, envelopes, tagspockets and pouches and others don’t. If we don’t have the answer to your question right at hand we will endeavour to find it for you.

When checking out with your art supplies don’t forget to peruse our artist VIP membership for unbeatable prices; whether you are buying a ream of paper or any other paper craft or art paper supplies. It will also keep you up to date with art classes and workshops with some of Australia’s finest artists.  

‘If YOU never did YOU should. These things are FUN and FUN is GOOD.’ Dr Seuss

255x380 70gsm Recycled Pape ...


255x380 70gsm Recycled Pape ...


380x510 70gsm Recycled Pape ...


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760x1020 70gsm Recycled Pap ...