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Art Supplies Picture Framing Tape - Kraft Paper Tape

Frame Professionally with Framers Tape

 Did you know? Our premium framers tape, sticks well to itself, is non-slip and you can write on it with a permanent marker

 Looking to keep something in place for framing without damaging the artwork, document or picture. Framers tape is a particular kind of tape used by many, even those who are not in the art supplies industry. It is generally not as sticky as sticky tape, is easy to cut or tear, is strong, thin and usually brown in colour. It can also be referred to as archival mounting tape or kraft tape but a good quality framers tape is always acid free. This basically means the adhesive/tape is free of chemicals and will not eat away at the surface of the materials you are mounting or framing overt time. You can use framers tape to adhere precious documents to mountboard, to make hinge mounts and to clean up the backs of canvases and picture framers.  

 Framers tape comes in a range of width sizes; 25mm, 38mm, 50mm to a wide 75mm. If you were mounting a large piece of artwork you would want to use the wider tape. Generally white foam core board or large pieces of kraft card are used on the back of the canvas or picture frame to give it a clean presentation. D-rings can then be screwed into the back of the frame and attached to a piece of nylon hanging cord, that won’t scratch the wall. Conservation tape and cloth tape can also be used when framing, there are no rights or wrongs. It comes down to personal preference.  

 As always, we hold the items that we stock to the highest standards. We make it a point not to sell items we ourselves would not use. As a result, we guarantee a higher level of quality from the brands we have selected, chosen in part because of their durability and dependability over time. When it comes time to tape pictures, we will point you in the right direction.

 Artwork can be brought to life with a frame; presentation folios can look more inviting when they are professionally finished off, school and professional exhibitions often need acid free tape for framing and the list goes on. A good art supplies store will have frame backing tape, mountbaoard, D-rings, a range of strings and wire and mountboard cutters. After all if you’re a creative soul, students, artists and teachers a like why wouldn’t you dabble in framing your own masterpieces when framing supplies are so readily available. As artists and creators ourselves we have even designed an artist VIP membership which is absolutely free to join, will give you unbeatable savings and keep you up to date with the very best of art classes and workshops in Australia. It is our way of saying thank you to a community that has given us so much and keeps us alive. So happy picture frame tape sealing.    

 “Frame something today that your future self will Thank You for.” – Baker Collection

25mmx50m Brown Kraft Tape


38mmx50m Brown Kraft Tape


50mmx50m Brown Kraft Tape


75mmx50m Brown Kraft Tape


38mmx50m White Kraft Tape


18mm x 50m White Conservati ...