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Art Supplies Le Franc Oil 150ml

The Art of a Le Franc Oil paint tube

Did you know? Le Franc Artists oil paints are available in 40 and 150ml tubes.

Painting with Le Franc oils is like painting with Chanel. It’s the crème de la crème of oil paints. We can guarantee you will fall in love with the colours, consistency and texture. Le Franc oils have a long standing in the art supplies industry and are in fact one of the very first oil paints in a tube to be made over 300 years ago. Le Franc & Bourgeois artists oils still to this day are using their knowledge to continually grow and better their products. The Masters of Impressionism originally developed Le Franc oil paints, so when you paint with them you can be rest assured that you are painting with quality and that your paintings will withstand the test of time.

Ok, so we have established that these are the best quality artist oil paint but it doesn’t stop there. The colour palette of these artists’ oils is quite unique too. Apart from the standard colours it has a great Mediterranean palette. Each and every colour is made up of organic and mineral pigments with the majority of colours using only one or two pigments in its ingredients. These paints possess about 91% pigment to provide you with the purest of colours, very little filler is used, each colour is as bright, bold and vibrant as can be. Because very little filler is used in the ingredients it increases the paints mixing capabilities, making muddying of colours almost impossible.

Le Franc oil paints are creamy, buttery, and possess a beautiful consistency through and through to allow for better application as well as the use of more mixing techniques. With this consistency, you will be able to truly enjoy using various tools to paint with from a variety of paintbrushes to palette knives, and even more obscure artists tools like colour shapers. These paints will truly open up a whole new world of creativity that will allow you to express yourself to new extents that you may not have considered possible until now. Le Franc Bourgeois oil paint will mix seamlessly with Australia’s very own Art Spectrum Artists oils and mediums which is great if you want to include Australian colours into your palette.

As a team of artists and creators we only endorse the products that we love to use ourselves personally and in our studios. When checking out don’t forget to peruse our VIP artist membership it has been designed so that you can enjoy the arts just as much as us. Plus it will keep you up to date with art classes and workshops with some of Australia’s leading artists.

"A Lioness or Lion sleeps in the Heart of every Artist." Baker Collection


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