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Art Supplies Gummed Paper Tape

Gummed Paper Tape in the world of Art Supplies

Did you know? that along with paper, artists have watercoloured on bark paper, canvas, fabric, leather, wood and vellum

Watercolour is a popular medium that is highly rewarding. Requiring its own technique far removed from acrylic or oil painting, watercolour necessitates a certain degree of planning prior to beginning. The reason for this has in part to do with how the water can warp the page. Even pages designed specifically with watercolour in mind can sometimes deform due to the saturation of water and other mediums.

There are all kinds of surfaces for artists to work on when it comes to water color. There are water colour canvaseswatercolour pads single sheet and glue bound, synthetic watercolor paper also known as Yupo and then you have your traditional watercolor sheets that come in various shades and weights. But when we are talking about traditional water color paper there is a little bit more preparation in getting your sheet ready before you start your masterpiece and that is where gummed paper tape becomes an essential art supplies. Gum tape also referred to by some as watercolor tapes comes in a range of widths and has to be wet to work. Once the tape is dry the adhesion of the paper to the stretching board, which can be a thick boxboard, a drawing board or a piece of Masonite is very strong. Watercolour paper stretching helps to combat the paper from rippling or buckling when you are working with it and when done properly your paper should dry flat.

Traditional paper and gummed paper tape very much go hand in hand when it comes to art supplies. As a team of artists and creators ourselves no question is to big or to small, for any questions regarding our extensive collection, please do not hesitate to give us a shout. Our dedicated team will be more than happy to help out when you are navigating what watercolour tape is best for your specific needs.

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