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Are you the Gifting Guru? Artistic Presents

Who doesn’t love a gift voucher and when it comes to art supplies most creative people love to spend money on products they might already be familiar with or something a little bit off beat that they might have been reading up on in some art books or seen in an art DVD.

Presents for artists, beginners, professional, young and old don’t need to be complicated. We have seen it many times; giving the gift of a voucher gets creative people excited. Especially when it is to do with their passion, art supplies, it can inspire, re-inspire and get those creative juices flowing.

Who hasn’t been there? Vouchers are an ideal gift for people with gift-giving headaches or who are not able to decide on exactly what to buy. We hear this a lot too. My partner is into drawing, painting, printmaking or even art in general and I really want to buy her some new art supplies. Well while that is great. What type of drawer is she? Does she like pastels, pencils, markers? Is she into landscapes, portraits, Manga? What type of painter is she, a beginner or a professional? Does she like to paint with acrylics, oils, watercolour? In the art supplies market there are literally thousands of materials and that is why the gift giving guru loves vouchers. The fact that you have put all the time and energy into a unique voucher that is special to that specific person is the ultimate present. Unless you are like my grandfather who was a bit of a tighty, in his defense he always bought me a card and the subjects of these cards was always to do with my passion at the time, and you know what I still remember them.          

Gift vouchers are great presents for art lovers, birthday presents for artists or Christmas gifts for artistic people. If your special person is already a VIP artist member with us they can use the voucher along with the program, effectively if they spend a voucher of $100.00 in value they can end up getting $120.00 worth of art supplies. Vouches can be used in store, online and on art classes and workshops. Why not love a gift voucher, life isn’t meant to be that complicated, presents for an artist, we have you covered.

“Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are SIMPLE.” Dr Seuss

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