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Block Printing – Only a creative person would have thought of Foam

Did you know? You can use your foam printing block with fabric paint.

Printing foam is a safe and easy introduction to printmaking, it is perfect for single and multiple colour printing, reduction printing and chine-colle. The foam is your printing block, you can easily press lines into it with an embossing tool, pencil or even a ball point pen. If you are wanting to block out large areas or even create textured areas icy pole sicks are great to use as they can be pressed into the foam easily. Great for little hands. Once you have created your image all you need to do is roll some waterbased ink over the foam surface with a soft foam or rubber roller. Then carefully lay a piece of paper onto the styrofoam printing plate which is now inked, rub all over the back of the paper, proceed to pull the paper off the plate and wolah you have your first print. Repeat the process as many times as you like. You can even experiment with different coloured cardpaper and ink colours. If you are working with kids recycled construction and sugar paper are great economical options that can give you great muted tones, recycled brown card and paper can give you a more aged, rustic feel and then you have your standard vibrant art and craft papers.

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Tip: To wash your foam printing blocks simply wash it under the tap or soak it in dish water. The surface can be wiped with a rag or a soft brush.

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A3 Foam Printing Blocks


A4 Foam Printing Blocks