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Art Supplies Gold Leaf Flakes

As Precious As Gold: Gild Your Next Work Of Art With Our Gilding Flakes

 Did you know? Gilding flakes can add BLING to resin artwork

Gilding has been used for centuries in the arts. The process of applying a gold finish to art and decorative items has been literally used for millennia to highlight worth, importance, and form. It helps to bring the eye to a desired point, and there is nothing else in the art materials market quite like it. Today you can see it being used in a variety of artistic applications such as sculptures, paintings, printmaking, resin and mixed media. Gilding is a fairly simple art form that really only needs most of the time one other medium to make the application easy and successful and that is Gold Size some times also referred to as Tannin Sealer. If you are gluing down your gold leaf, silverleaf or copper flakes Gold size acts as both glue and a sealer. Bronze, silver or gold flake pieces can either be used with a Gold Size or dropped directly into resin jewelry, sculpture or painting. As one of Victoria’s gold leaf suppliers we have access to all different types of gilding supplies from gold leaf sheets, flakes, rub-ons to sprays. Don’t forget about our artist VIP membership that will save you on all your future purchases when buying, you don’t even need to sign up. It will give you not only unbeatable prices but it will keep you up to date with up and coming classes and special sales on over stocked items.

 One of the most famous artists that used gold leaf as a medium of expression was Gustav Klimt

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