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Art Supplies Dynasty Quill Brushes

The Fine Art of a Dynasty Quill Brush

We love: Quality doesnt always reflect price and these exdceptional brushes are attractively priced.

Quill artist brushes are well thought out paintbrushes as soon as you pick one up it will become an extension of your mind, your body, and your artistic imagination. Their handle is perfectly shaped to fit any hand and the brush hairs and ferrule are designed to create exactly the kinds of lines and washes you’re hoping to paint.

Dynasty Quill water color brushes are designed for professional artists, but are friendly to beginners. What really sets these watercolour brushes apart from others in the art supply industry is there quality and price. If you own a Dynasty Quill brush then quite simply you have yourself a good watercolor brush and if I dare to say it you own one of the very Best Watercolor Brushesin the art supplies market. Why are they so good? Partly this is because they have been specifically designed, engineered, and manufactured with professional artists in mind. They hold a considerable amount of water colour liquid, there paint distribution is even and the brush tip always retains its shape.

 I can guarantee a Dynasty Quill brush will keep that inspiration going and brush strokes and washes will be effortless. I have painted with watercolour artists in the Artworx studio that have owned their Dynasty brushes for thirty years or more. They are seriously a great quality brush and that isn't just a sales pitch. Even though this paint brush will give you longevity you still have to look after it and clean it after each use.

Tip: Its easy to set yourself up for failure when learning the art of water colour so just dont do it. Invest in yourself and buy the right brushes, canvas or paper and let your creative inspiration soar.

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