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Colour is my Day Long Obsession, Draw with the best Copic Markers available in the Art Supplies Market

Almost every colour, tint or tone you could possible think of exists in the Copic marker range and each of these hues are available in each style of marker whether you are buying a Ciao, Original, Sketch markers or fineliners. This and their quality is one of the reasons why they have dominated marker brands in the art supplies industry for years. Popular among all types of illustrators from artists, architects, book illustrators, crafters, fashion designers, graphic designers, interior designers to tattoo artists there is a colour and style to suit almost any drawing project. Along with their marker ranges Copic have also designed a range or Copic accessories that include fabric Velcro wallets, Perspex cases, ink refills, airbrush adaptors, marker tips to books and dvds.

As a team of artists and creators we are always getting asked what is the best way to store Copic markers or if I am starting out should I just buy a set? With over a decade under our belt of using the best art supplies available we have come to the conclusion, why buy a set when you can customize your own. The bigger sets generally don’t sell for any cheaper and often you end up with a whole bunch of colours you don’t need. Luckily Copic have come up with storage solutions that makes how to store Copic markers easy and if I had a preference I would choose the fabric wallets over the Perspex ones as they have a tendency to crack and are not as easy to transport your Copics around. The Velcro wallets also have removable inners so that you can lay your Copics on your work area and see all the colours and styles with ease. Obviously storing Copic markers is easy with these customized wallets and cases and in the end it is ultimately a personal preference.

But if you are looking for the best sketchbook for Copic markers you can’t go past a Bleedproof pad. These are available in a number of brands and sizes, the paper is ultra smooth for blending your markers and the paper surface is a vivid white so even the lightest of marker colours will show on top of it.

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