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Art Supplies Conte Coloured Pencils

There is nothing like a Conte Pencil

In a very literal sense there is no other pencil in the art supplies market like a Conte pencil. Created by Nicolas-Jacques Conte in 1795 while searching for a cost effective way to create a crayon/pastel type pencil due to a lack of graphite thanks to the Napoleonic wars, Conte was born. Made from compressed and powdered charcoal or graphite and mixed with either clay or wax, Conte is a very unique type of pencil. Renowned for its fine art quality and ability to create intensely rich hues Conte is still a brand that is requested time and time again in today’s market especially by professional artists. The white Conte pencil is by far the most popular tone in the range of 49 colours. It works beautifully on darker toned card, paperblack sketchbooks or coloured pastel pads and is excellent for creating fine detail work or laying down heavily to create blocks of colour.

Because of the high caliber of the Conte art materials it makes excellent gifts for artists and there are some great sketching sets in the range. Once you check out with your order, don’t forget about our VIP artist membership. It is easy to join and will give you unbeatable prices on all your art supplies. You will also receive up to the minute information on art classes, workshops and sales on over stocked items.

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