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Print Making Supplies Barrens

Baren Printmaking Art Supplies

Did you know? A quality printmaking baren takes over a year to make

A printmaking barren is a round smooth pad made up of layers consisting of 30 to 40 sheets of paper, it is then wrapped in tissue, lacquered and covered with a bamboo sheath. Barens look quite simple in appearance but they are a mighty art tool when it comes to printmaking and getting a clean edged, quality impressions on your printing paper. Traditionally used with woodblock printing techniques and water based inks today you can see a baren being used with dry point etching, lino, Ezy carvegel plates and even with oil based printing inks. In the art supplies market you will notice different brands and a variety of price points when it comes to the printmaking baren; with this printing tool you most definitely get what you pay for. The basic versions of a baren haven’t had the same amount of effort and time in their making process as the higher end products. The better your baren is the more efficient it is with pulling ink off the printing surface onto your printmaking paper. Barens are available in a range of sizes; depending on what the artist wants to achieve with their work will determine their choice of barren size.

Whether you are lifting an impression from an inked wood block or another surface or selecting your wood or lino cutting supplies; don’t forget to check out our artist VIP membership for some unbeatable prices and up to date information on printmaking classes and workshops. We all love a bit of arty karma.

“Creative people are CURIOUS, FLEXIBLE, PERSISTENT, and INDEPENDENT with a tremendous SPIRIT of ADVENTURE and a love of PLAY.” Henri Matisse

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