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Art Supplies Arches Watercolour Paper

Arches Watercolor Paper in the Art Supplies Industry

Arches water color paper is one of the most popular watercolour papers in the art supplies market around the world. Loved by many professional artists for its consistent fine quality and durability; Arches has won the hearts of many. This bright white 100% cotton fiber paper is available in a range of paper weights 185gsm, 300gsm, 356gsm and 640gsm and surfaces, smooth (hot press), medium (cold press) and rough. Arches watercolor paper sizes include 560x760mm large single sheets, rolls and a range of pad sizes. The medium textured 300gsm paper is the most popular weight by far, especially if you are working with inksgouache and watercolour paints. The smooth 300gsm paper weight is the preferred paper for designers, illustrators and printmakers. Arches water color paper is very hearty in its stability, it can withstand within reason very wet water washes, erasing, scratching with colour shapers, scrubbing with sponges and texture wands. Its absorbency acceptance is strong making it one of the best papers to work with. A true professional artist paper it is acid free, PH neutral and mildew resistant; its natural dye and antifungal protection will ensure a permanence to your artwork. In the corner of each paper sheet you will see the embossing of the Arches distinctive trademark logo. If you are the proud purchaser of some original artwork and you see this stamp you can be rest assured your investment has been made with quality artist paper.

If you would like an alternative to Arches the Saunders watercolour paper range is just as exquisite to work with. In comparison to Arches paper the tone of Saunders has warmth as it is a soft ivory colour. When exploring your favourite watercolour paper or adding to your art supplies don’t forget to check out our artist VIP membership for unbeatable prices and up to date information on art classes and workshops with some of Australia’s finest artists. If you have any questions as a team of dedicated artists, designers and crafters we are here to help. We all love a bit of Arty Karma and we are on a mission to keep true art stores alive.

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