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Sculpt to Perfection with Air Dry Clay

When it comes to sculpting with clay, you have several different options of what kind of clay you can use. You can use treated clay that remains soft, you can use clay that needs to be fired in a kiln, or you can consider air dry clay. If you are curious to experiment with air dry clay yourself or are well experienced with the material, then we have a few options for you. When it comes to finding the best air dry clay for your artwork we have several you can choose from.

Air dry clay is commonly used in homes, educational facilities and schools that don’t have access to a kiln, it can be purchased in small air tight packages or in large blocks, both in white and terracotta colours (brown air dry clay). The same clay tools are used when working with air dry clay as with traditional clay and painting air dry clay is easy. Turpentine and water based varnishes can be used as well as simple acrylic paints. To get the best results when wanting to paint your clay in bright colours we recommend that you paint your object white first so that the acrylic colours sit on top of the base coat rather than being absorbed into the clay. You can then varnish your clay piece with a gloss, matte or satin varnish once you have painted the acrylics on if you want to.      

There are so many things you can do with air dry clay that they are only limited by your knowledge of the materials and imagination. If you are searching for the best air dry clay for your project it really comes down to what you are needing it for. For example Das Clay comes in small packages of 500gm and 1kg making it the perfect clay for small projects. If you are wanting to work on larger pieces Reno air dry clay comes in 2.5kg, 5kg, 15kg, and 20kg blocks. If you are purchasing larger blocks of clay you doesn’t have to use it all at once. If you re-seal the clay in an airtight bag, or wrap it in cellophane and place it in a bucket, preferably with a lid, and add a small amount of water you can easily keep the clay useable for quite some time.

The drying time of airdry clay varies with the size of your project, we do however recommend that you don’t speed up the drying time with heaters or dries as it can cause the clay to crack. It is best to let it dry naturally. Working with air dry clay is very similar to traditional clays, you can make slurry and join wet clay together by adding water to it and you can extend the working time by spritzing it with some water too. Once dry the clay is sturdy enough to have indoors but not really recommended for outdoor use as if it isn’t sealed extremely well it is susceptible to water damage.

As a team of professional artists and creators we have the experience and knowledge to point you in the right direction for your next project. In addition to providing the air dry clay you need, we also are fully stocked with sculpting tools and other clay accessories. With art and supplies being our true passion we have designed an artist VIP membership which will give you unbeatable prices on all your art supplies plus keep you up to date with some of the best art classes and workshops in Australia.

“I did my SCULPTURE as a PAINTER. I did not work as a SCULPTURE.” Henri Matisse



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