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Art & Craft Supplies Acid Free Tissue Paper

Acid Free Tissue Paper, Who would have thought to look in an Art Supplies Shop

Did you know? Normal tissue paper has a tendency to become acidic over time

Acid free tissue paper is generally white in colour, it is available in a range of sizes, in single sheets and reams. Its neutral PH levels are what make this speciality paper able to preserve things that are invaluable. Acid free tissue paper is relatively inexpensive. It is used for many things, not only an acid free packing paper but also a range of art and craft activities. From tissue paper flowers, to being used as interleaves in a photo album or newspaper scrapbook, acid free tissue paper is not only useful in the studio but is also great for general household use. It is widely used to wrap garments such as wedding dresses, christening gowns and even cherished silverware. If you have been on the hunt for tissue paper suppliers for this very unique paper then try your arts and craft store first when it comes to protecting your treasures. Don’t just visualise boxed up items when it comes to acid free paper storage, it is a product that has a variety of uses, as many as your imagination lends itself to.

When it comes to looking after your valuables or creating with white tissue paper don’t forget to check out our artist VIP membership for unbeatable prices. What goes around; comes around and we all love a bit of arty karma.

Tip: Acid free tissue paper is ideal as an in between sheet to protect charcoal and pastel artwork from smudging if you don’t want to use fixative.

PROTECT. PRESERVE. Where you INVEST your LOVE you invest your LIFE.” Baker Collection


510x760mm White 500 sheets ...


760x1020mm White 500 sheets ...


510x760mm White 100 sheets ...


760x1020mm White 100 sheets ...