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Texture Paste 1 Litre Chromocryl Medium

Texture Paste 1 Litre Chromocryl Medium


Paint mediums are fantastic for adding excitement and details to your paintings, and are a versatile products. Chromacryl paint mediums can be used with most acrylic paints but work best with Chromacryl acrylic paints. Use Chromacryl texture paste to emphasise and exaggerate textures in your works. It can be mixed straight into your acrylic paint or painted directly onto your canvas or illustration board and then once dried, (This product dries to a white matte finish) overpainted with acrylic paint. This great texture medium helps to adhere dry mediums like sand or glass beads onto your work and will not get brittle or yellow over time. Easy clean up in water means that this product is suitable for artists of all ages. Its a great place to start when you’re wanting to experiment with mediums. Application is easy, just put it on with a brush, sponge or palette knife or whatever else you can think of and allow 24 hours to dry.

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