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Satin Solvent Finishing Varnish 200ml Chromacryl Medium

Satin Solvent Finishing Varnish 200ml Chromacryl Medium



Solvent based varnish is a great varnish finish that can be used on both acrylic paint and oil paint artworks. There are many different Chromacryl Mediums on the market, like the Texture paste, great way to add texture and dimension to your work, impasto medium is perfect for embedding objects into your works, or many others that give great effects to your paintings.
Chromacryl Solvent Based Finishing Varnish for painting can be diluted as required with turpentine or mineral spirits. It can also be used straight out of the container. This product must be stirred before use as some settling may occur in the bottle. This varnish s compatible with all chroma branded paints including Chromacryl and Atelier.
Varnish over paint is an important step in finishing your artwork. This non-yellowing solvent varnish protects your art, ensuring it will stand the test of time. With great light-fastness quality, it is ideal for sealing your work. This varnish can be stripped with mineral spirits or turpentine, allowing the paintings to be cleaned. The finish is a low sheen and is non-reflective.
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