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Metal Paint Tube Squeezer

Metal Paint Tube Squeezer


With the changes in our environment and the plastic society we live in, we try to limit our wastage which makes this device so brilliant!

Ever wondered how all the paint can be forced from the tube? or Still can’t get it all out even when cutting it open?

This great invention now lets you have zero wastage in your paint tube.

So instead of rushing out to buy a new paint colour because your tube is all twisted or you think you can’t possibly squeeze any more from that annoying tube, and your fingers have finally had it.

Place the treads of the tube wringer at the end of any size tube and simply wind the latch to start pushing your paint to the tip of the tube.

You will be surprised just how much more paint was in the tube that you may have wasted without this device.

Actually, it is rather satisfying to watch as it shrinks the tube and compounds it to nothing.

And we love that there is no wasted paint because hey some poor artist needs every bit of paint he can get his hands on.

The tube wringer has landed and we have used it on these brands of paint tubes Matisse, Art Spectrum even the big 150ml tubes, Charvin, Sennelier, Holbein, Winsor and Newton, Charbonnel and Daler Rowney it works on them all.

The Tube-Wringer will be your main squeeze for any paints packaged in squeezable tube's, it has been estimated that 1/3 to 1/4 of paint is wasted so this means you'll get up to one-third more for your money from every tube with this effective tool. Squeeze the last drop of expensive oil paint & acrylic tubes for absolutely zero wastage.

Great for heavy studio use for professional artists constantly going through paint supplies.


Width - 8cm

Length - 10cm