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9pc Interlocked Chunking Flat Paint Brushes Pro Hart Swagger

9pc Interlocked Chunking Flat Paint Brushes Pro Hart Swagger

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The PRO HART SWAGGER Handmade Chunking Flat ARTIST Paint Brushes

About Us

Our story begins. We have been running our own art company for over a decade and day in and day out as artists ourselves we were getting bored of seeing drib and drab paint brushes.

Style is Style

As modern artists, we love pop art and the new age abstract culture, so we created a paintbrush that is as designer as a pair of Gucci shoes.

As professional artists, we asked, why don’t we have painting accessories that look the part and are of the most exceptional quality? We wanted to make sure our paintbrushes were superior compared to our competitors. For us, the Pro Hart Swagger Chunking Brushes not only had to look good, but they had to feel good to use and be made with the finest attention to detail after all results are everything. Something can’t just look as sexy as hell!

After tons of research and testing/playing. You know all the boring stuff, ‘not really,’ We had so much fun trying out all the different brush samples. The outcome might seem a little biased. We have created an acrylicoil and mixed media brush that screams appeal and quality.

How to use the PRO HART SWAGGER Chunking Paintbrushes

Our Pro Hart Swagger chunking bristle brush range is designed to be used with contemporary and traditional painting techniques and a variety of media.  

About Chunking Paintbrushes

Chungking bristles are sourced from hogs raised in the region of the Chinese city of Chungking. Chunking can be found all over the world, but the Chinese Chunking bristles are considered to be the finest and the most sought after as they have full, long flags.

The bristle hairs have deep flags, which means while the hair grows the bristle splits into two or more tips, called the ‘flags.’ The bristle has a high degree of durability, precision and spring. This fullness of bristle has an outstanding ability to hold a large amount of medium or paint. When you feel the hairs on this paint brush, they feel thick, luxurious and durable.

 The Chunking paintbrush hairs are interlocked meaning the natural curves of the bristles are positioned inward toward the ferrule. The curved bristle maintains a precise and tight brush shape that resists splaying and misshaping over time even with the use of harsh solvents.

With constant use, these superior quality bristles are less likely to splay or deteriorate in comparison to other hog hair brush brands.  

The long handle on these brushes, 25cm to be precise allows for greater control as you paint as the timber handle is nicely weighted. The long beautiful designer handle has a heavy nickel-plated brass ferrule attached.

 The paint finish on the brush handle features a crackle texture in bright orange and salmon pink. Each handle is individually cracked and glazed in the sun. Each brush is as individual as a thumbprint. This stunning feature is unique to the Pro Hart Swagger brand. Every brush we pick up is entirely different to the next. 

PRO HART SWAGGER Chunking Paintbrush Sizes

The Pro Hart Swagger interlocked hog bristle brushes comes in a range of flat sizes: No.20 features 4.5cm bristle length, and the hairs are jam-packed to almost 5cm wide. No.16 has just over 3cm in hair length, and the ferrule is 3.5cm wide. The No.12 has a 3cm hair length, and the width is 2.5cm. No.10 showcases a 2.5cm hair length, and the bushing is 2cm wide. The No.8 has a 2cm hair length and the width of 1.5cm. No.6 has just under 2cm in hair length, 1.8cm to be precise and is 1.2cm in diameter. No.4 is made with a 1.2cm hair length and 1cm width. The No.2 is .9cm in length and .6cm in width, and then we have the popular No.1 which features an excellent hair length of .6cm and the width of .5cm. 


We have set out on a journey to give you sassiness and quality. We are proud to say that these brushes are designed by Australian artists that have a real flair and passion for the best art supplies.